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Extra Abilities

Easily Improve & Simplify Alexa Skills  Intelligently


"The Future of Intelligence!"

Technology Within The Sound of Your Voice

Skills to enhance Alexa = Extra Abilities.  The future of Intelligence!

Extra Abilities provides Alexa with just that ... Extra Abilities!  We are constantly adding new skills to our Extra Abilities family.

With versatile list skills Extra Abilities List enables you to easily create and maintain comprehensive family, personal and private lists.

All of your lists managed from one device!  For the first time, Alexa will be able to recognize and distinguish you from other household members all from one account, just say "Alexa, open Extra Abilities!"

Extra Abilities List enables you to:​

  • Create public or private lists

  • Create lists separate from other family member's lists 

  • Share Lists

  • Re-order your list

  • Rename your list

  • Change items on your list

  • Add new items to the beginning or end of the list



Coming soon:

Password List  Journal  Diary Log True AI Learning 


You can even use the Extra Abilities phone app without an Alexa device!

Personalize Your Experience

If you don't have an Alexa device, you can use Alexa with the Alexa phone app which is available for ALL Android and iPhones

Accessible from Android or iPhone

Extra Abilities is accessible from any device!

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  With Your Input, Extra Abilities is constantly learning!  

Providing a Number 1 Service

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Alexa, open Extra Abilities

Welcome to Extra Abilities. It's good to speak with you again  How may I assist you?

Create a list

Is this a public or private list?


How To

Extra Abilities Skill Manual

Getting Started

To add the skill:  "Alexa, Enable Extra Abilities" This is like installing the program.  Only do this once!  You shouldn't have to do it ever again.

To use the skill:  "Alexa, Open Extra AbilitiesYou do this whenever you wish to use the skill. This starts the skill. If you don't say anything for 14 seconds, the skill auto-exits.  If it exits, you have to start it up again with "Alexa, Open Extra Abilities"


Within the Extra Abilities skill, at many prompts, you can say:

"help"  -  receive a help message
"back"  -  back up to the previous prompt or exit the current function
"exit"  -  exit the Extra Abilities skill

Things can be said in many different ways.  The examples shown are only one way.  If you prefer saying it some other way and the system doesn't understand you, email us and we'll enhance it to support the way you like to say things.  It is important that we adapt the skill to you rather than you learning how to say something!

XXXX = you fill in the blank
NN   = number you supply - a list item number - when you list contents, the app tells you the line numbers.

From within Extra Abilities, you have the ability to set your email address if you wish.  The sole purpose of this is to email things you explicitly request.  For example, you may want Extra Abilities to email a copy of your list to you for printing.


"How do I XXXX?"
"Am I in Extra Abilities?"
"What is Extra Abilities Website?"
"My email is XXXX"
"What is my email address?"
"Is my email address verified?"
"Set my time zone"
"What is my time zone?"


"Create list XXXX"
"Rename list XXXX"
"Delete list XXXX"
"What lists do I have?"
"What is on list XXXX?"
"Add to list XXXX"
"Add to the bottom of list XXXX"
"Edit list XXXX"  -  goes to LIST EDIT mode for the selected list
"Email list XXXX to me" - your email address must first be configured


"back" - exit LIST EDIT mode
"what list am I in"
"rename list XXXX"
"list" - list the contents of the list you're in
"add XXXX" - defaults to the top of the list
"add XXXX to the top of the list"
"add XXXX to the bottom of the list"
"change item NN"
"change XXXX"
"delete item NN"
"delete XXXX"
"move item NN"  -  allows you to move an item to the top or bottom of the list
"move XXXX"     -  same
"clear list"    -  remove all items from list


Password List  Journal  Diary Log True AI Learning 
and many more facilities in addition to lists!



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